Seen a cute banded Canada Goose in Scarborough?
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Seen a cute banded Canada Goose in Scarborough?


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Hi all!
I'm a beginner birder/newbie. I've loved birds all my life (as I was lucky enough to grow up amidst bird-loving parents), but it's only recently that I've started to more formally bird at the (not-so-tender) age of 35 :D I'm excited at the possibility of becoming more active in Toronto's wonderful birding community.

Last April/May, I found an adorable banded CANG/CAGO (Branta canadensis) in a surprising place - the parking lot of my local mall in northwest Scarborough. She was foraging on grasses and dandelions in the median and other surrounding lawn areas, together with her (presumed) mate. I did not know she was female, until I reported her bands to the USGS Bird Banding Lab and they informed me! Her band numbers are 1278-03164/1268-03164. It was not easy to read her band numbers, but so worth it!  :D   She was banded locally on 06/20/2019 when she was too young to fly. I last encountered her, in the same location, on 05/17/2020. I keep looking for her, but she seems to have flown off to greener pastures. I hope she is doing well and thriving.

I was wondering: has anyone else in the Scarborough/Toronto/GTA area encountered her and her pair-mate? If you can help me to find her again, please, I would greatly appreciate it. I miss her (and her bf) very much! I even gave them names (Griselda and Gonzalo)  :lol:

Thank you kindly.
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