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Title: Algonquin park on Saturday
Post by: bernie2112 on January 25, 2009, 11:51:16 pm
Yesterday was a lovely day for birding. We went up to Algonquin and by the feeders in the visitor centre we saw several pine siskin and a group of 4 or so pine grosbeaks. They perched in branches close to the deck allowing for great views. Later on on Opeongo road we saw a pair of grey jays who were quite tame.

Other areas did not reveal their birds no matter how hard we looked.


Title: Park Update
Post by: JTF on January 26, 2009, 07:59:24 pm
Here is a quick brief on my first trip to the park. About 20 km's south of Bancroft sighted a GREAT GRAY OWL flying down the highway in front of the car aout 50 meters up. Sun was just starting to pop up over the trees. It turned to the right and flew out towards a small pond/lake and landed in the treeline. No attempt made to photograph it due to the lighting as my 80-400vr wouldn't have done much good. Great start to the day all the same. As for the park itself, checked out all the areas given by the guide, none of which turned up much. The feeder at the front of the vistor center had BLUE JAYS & only FEMALE PINE GROSBEAKS. The back feeder had BLUEJAYS by the truckload; PINE SISKIN; MALE & FEMALE PINE GROSBEAK with a very unexpected vistor being a PINE MARTIN. A SPRUCE GROUSE jumped out in front of the car on the way out of the visitor centre. I thought it was cold in Kingston, my eyelashes had icicles on them, but a hot thermas of timmys helped alot. Both species of CROSSBILLS where seen on various sites on the roads. Two EVENING GROSBEAKS were found along the entrance to the vistor centre.