Very few warblers
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Very few warblers


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Here in Durham (western Pickering next to Rouge Park) there were a few warbler in the woodlot but only after standing still and quiet for about 10 minutes. First I saw a male Am. Redstart, then a Juvenile Chestnut-sided, then an unknown warbler flashed by (probably N. Parula) and then a Cape May. No photos yet. Blue Jays were calling up a storm. One N. Flicker in the grass. Something else flashed by near the ground but it was too fast and it was too dim to make out what it was. I'm thinking it might have been a thrush, ovenbird or wren. I'll try again tomorrow. While walking along the street next to the adjacent woodlot I was dismayed by the complete lack of any bird activity. Nothing moved except a few grackles. Not even a rabbit despite seeing at least one everyday. Yesterday there was even a rabbit in the backyard just a meter from the sliding door nibbling on a weed, which I grow in abundance not actually able to do any gardening of any kind. I'm a caregiver ... not a horticulturist.