Birding from the Deck, Tiny Township, Humming bird.
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Birding from the Deck, Tiny Township, Humming bird.


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Lots of cottagers there this weekend, we had a technical issue to deal with with the furnace that I discovered when I was last there in March. I had a long thread earlier that got lost here is the condensed version

Cool at night needed heat, during day was comfortable. Have a Sunburn lots of yard work.

Humming bird landed on dead tree next door while two Hairy Woodpeckers were sqaubling Saturday 8 pm.

Very odd sounding Reddish bird (brief view)that was not a Cardinal on Saturday, persisted until Sunday when we departed. Scarlet Tanager? distinct call.

Had a Mimic in the trees across the lane on Friday, Cat Bird? Seen them here before.
Pine Siskin's seemed to be everywhere starting Saturday evening into Sunday morning when we departed.
Lots of Chickadee's, Am Cardinal's, Am Gold Finches, White Breasted Nuthatches.
No Eastern Phoebe's? No Great Crested Flycatchers? Grackles have invaded, not here  two years ago.
Red Bellied Woodpecker around all weekend one really bad image..
Dunno if the Mimic or a real Tufted was doing the "Peter Peter Peter" call all weekend was it the Tanager?.

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I never get to see tuffed titmouse! Haven't seen a Scarlett Tanager or Indigo Bunting yet this year