Same fallout in Beaches area
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Same fallout in Beaches area


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Had 10 new migrators on Wednesday topped by 3 hermit thrush in backyard at once. Only new bird for list was an amazing fly-by by a great blue heron.
1. Pine warbler2. Yellow-rumped warbler3. Black&white warbler4. Winter wren5. Blue-headed vireo6. Junco7. Horde of white-throated sparrows8. Many ruby-crowned kinglets9. Chipping sparrow10. Great blue heron


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Wow lucky you! I took had a GBH flew by yesterday. Heard some warblers singing across the ravine. Too bad it is raining, and too slippery to go down.


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I wonder what the beaches look like today with that gusty wind and cooler temperature. No visitor at my backyard.