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Title: Carden Alvar May 1, Loggerhead Shrike and many more
Post by: adonbirder on May 01, 2010, 08:24:19 pm
Went to Carden Alvar today and was not disappointed even if there are no yellow rails as the water is very high in the sedge marsh. Saw a Loggerhead shrike and was in a different place than the 1 Jean posted on ontbirds the day before. Also there were many Upland sandpipers and Wilson's snipe around. The marshes seemed to be teeming with Virgina rails and Soras, also had a pair of American Bitterns and Blue-winged Teal. Saw sandhill cranes, brown thrashers, eastern meadowlarks, eastern kingbird,eastern bluebirds, lesser yellowlegs, bobolink, wild turkeys, house and marsh wrens, northern harrier, osprey, common raven being harassed by 2 crows, belted kingfisher,3 types of warblers (nashville, yellow and yellow-rumped) and 9 types of sparrows (field,chipping,savannah,song,vesper,swamp,white-throated,eastern towhee and junco).
Nice mammal bonus was seeing and photographing my first Porcupine :) ,not too shabby a day for early spring in Carden
I have posted photos of what i saw on my photo website at

Direction courtesy of Jean and Ron from OFO
Directions: A birding guide is on the OFO Website. Print guide and map
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Andrew Don
Post by: Moira on May 02, 2010, 08:48:51 am
Nice pics Andrew, especially your Snipe and Upland Sandpiper.  This is high on my list of places to go.  I thought it might be a bit early, but I guess not :)