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Title: Common loon, Sora, Pied-billed grebe and Glossy Ibis
Post by: Anonymous on June 18, 2007, 10:56:33 pm
Marmora mine loon(We walked down to the water and this loon came to the first call I made)
http://art-mcleod.fotopic.net/p42308062.html (http://art-mcleod.fotopic.net/p42308062.html)

Brighton Pied-billed grebe juvenile(it took a few tries to swallow this fish)
http://art-mcleod.fotopic.net/p42413717.html (http://art-mcleod.fotopic.net/p42413717.html)
http://art-mcleod.fotopic.net/p42413714.html (http://art-mcleod.fotopic.net/p42413714.html)

Brighton Glossy Ibis(Taken Saturday morning)
http://art-mcleod.fotopic.net/p42373167.html (http://art-mcleod.fotopic.net/p42373167.html)

Port Hope Sora(there are at least 2 at the pond)
http://art-mcleod.fotopic.net/p42413709.html (http://art-mcleod.fotopic.net/p42413709.html)

Port Hope Black Crowned Night Heron(There are at least 4 at the pond along with 2 green herons)
http://art-mcleod.fotopic.net/p42204509.html (http://art-mcleod.fotopic.net/p42204509.html)
Title: great pictures
Post by: Stargazer0310 on June 19, 2007, 07:49:11 am
I like the pie billed grebe pictures very much. Where did you take these pictures?
Post by: Anonymous on June 19, 2007, 05:15:39 pm
Thanks, I'm glad u like them, the grebe shots were taken down at the lake in Brighton, go down toward Presqu'ile instead of turning to go to Presqu'ile, go straight to the lake and there is a public dock there. I just walked out onto the dock and sat down, the grebes were 20 feet away.