a question about Pileated's
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a question about Pileated's


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I was out with my wife on the day before Christmas,  feeding the chickadees at Riverwood when we came upon 3 Pileated woodpeckers all in same spot. I had seen 3 of these before around Thanksgiving in a similar spot and thought they might be a late family, but shouldn't the young be on their own by now?

 They didn't seem to be trying to chase each other around, but 2 did seem to stay closer together and usually in the same tree. They were just jumping from tree to tree along a ridge. I could not tell from the angle of the sun shining into my face but it appeared to be 2 females and 1 male. The odd one out came very low in trees and right along path for good views, didn't seem bothered any people and was more interested in exploring the holes in trees and in a squirrel's nest.....beautiful birds to watch!

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