Wild Turkeys.....
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Wild Turkeys.....


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Late last week while driving from Port Colborne to Milton thru Hagersville area I spotted a Large "Tom" or Male in the area of Hwy 3 and Dry Lake road, He had his Group of females with him. I've never seen a Male Wild Turkey before this.

Today, driving home on Baseline Road in Tiny Township, I had to do an extreme braking action to avoid a couple of female Wild Turkey's..Two Quotes from wife  "Stop!" and then "That was Easter Supper you missed you should have hit it !".
vehicle was fully loaded ::)
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lol actually you gotta report the roadkill and let the cop say you can take it home unless you had a permit and it was in season lol (Actually even then if you kill it with your car v. gun,  you still need the OK)

THey're spreading EVERYWHERE...lots up north now (Parry Sound)

This was past winter at home....Ayton.