RFI: Baillie Birdathon in Durham Region
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RFI: Baillie Birdathon in Durham Region


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Good morning all,

As recent birder transplants to Ajax, my wife Robyn and I have really enjoyed learning the local haunts and locales.  We are planning our Baillie Birdathon day and are looking for some local advice on areas to add to our list.  We will be going out in mid-May and will likely start very early in the morning at Second Marsh to take advantage of the sun.  We'll then pop over to Darlington and bird the woods, before heading West to Thickson's Woods, Pringle Creek, Cranberry Marsh and Rotary Park.  

Are there areas we're missing?  Any advice on places we should add to our list?  

Responses here or by PM would be awesome.

Thanks in advance folks,

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