House Finch - ready to breed again?
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House Finch - ready to breed again?


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I had three house finches shown up at the feeder today - one is a newly fledged young and the other two are its parents. I have to make an assumption here as I have never seen their nest; however, since all three were moving together with two feeding on their own while one was asking to be fed, I had to assume that all three are part of the same family of finches with two adults and one young. The young one was chirping and shaking its wings while begging for foods. Only the male was feeding the young chick. However, every time the feeding happened the adult female would fly in to interrupt the feeding and chase the young one away. It continued for a while. I did make a video of the incident. I am wondering if the adult finches are ready to breed again and this is one way of weaning a young chick quickly. Never seen anything like this where one parent was indulging a young chick's request for food while the other parent chasing it away.
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