Eagle Creek Park, Indianapolis
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Eagle Creek Park, Indianapolis

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Found a great birding spot this past weekend while in Indianapolis Indiana. Eagle Creek Park is a city park in the NW corner of the city. I was able to join the weekly Sunday morning outing they have and was treated to a guided tour based on what I wanted to see and also the local favorites. As a Canadian tourist I was a novelty. Great bunch of people, had a perfect morning, adding 4 to my life list. I was taken to see a Great Horned Owl nesting in the midst of a treetop trekking course, active nests of Bald Eagles and Red Shouldered Hawks and a "slamdunk" Red-headed Woodpecker area. The weather was not great for photos but that was the only negative. The best photo was the escaped Budgerigar hanging around their Ornithology Center feeders, evading capture several times while I watched.
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