Humber Bay Today - Green Heron, Least Sandpipers
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Humber Bay Today - Green Heron, Least Sandpipers

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Warblers were scarce today (at least on my sentry): One Black-Throated Blue, one Common Yellowthroat, and several Yellow-Rumped and Yellow.

I did see Least and some other kind of unidentifiable Flycatchers, a Veery, a Hermit Thrush, a couple of Brown Thrashers (one singing - they're so funny!), lots of Orioles, a Black-Crowned Night Heron and a pair of Great Egrets.  Watched a pair of Caspian Terns exchange fish for a while.  The male had to run quite the gauntlet of gulls to return the prize to his girlfriend.  

I also saw a Green Heron for the first time.  I was trying to sneak up to him and ID him, when a dog ran by on the other side of the "river" (canal? what the heck is that thing?) and scared him.  He took off and landed not ten feet away from me so I had a good long look.

I was about to call it a day when I decided to walk up the "finger" one last time, and found two Least Sandpipers feeding near the northernmost anklecracker - oops, observation deck.  Yay for their yellow legs, or I'd be posting this under Bird ID.
Uh, I dunno, it was kind of small and brownish.

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