Rondeau,Point Pelee,Long Point May9-14
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Rondeau,Point Pelee,Long Point May9-14


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Just got back from camping in Rondeau and Long Point provincial parks, also 1 day stopped by Point Pelee. Was a great trip, saw many birds
170 species in total, 31 of them warblers. After the rain in Point Pelee on tuesday was amazing! Fallout was on the west beaches, saw 27 species of warblers in 2 hours at White Pine and Northwest Beaches.
Highlighted by a Cerulean Warbler and a Connecticut warbler almost in same place! One high and one low.
I am editing and posting photos from the trip at

Enjoy and this is the time to get out Birding, more to still come :)

Andrew Don
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Wow....  what a trip....  well done...  great shots!  Cheers Terry
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