Going to Long Point.
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Going to Long Point.

Tom Cudzilo

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I am going camping this weekend at long point PP. What can I expect to find there at this time and what are the best places to visit. I have never been birding in that area before. Thank you for any info as I am trying to plan my weekend.

thank you
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Leslie Kinrys

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Here is the URL for Bird Studies Canada  http://www.bsc-eoc.org/bscmain.html
They are located at Longpoint, and their site tells you all about them and what is going on in the area.  You can still see banding at the Longpoint Bird Observatory. Take along bug spray, because they have ticks there. Enjoy your weekend.
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 Check some of the postings about Long Point at the sit below. Keep in mind that migration is basically over and you now run into breeding birds. If you check some of the woodland areas the birds there are on territory and breeding and should not be unduly disturbed. Try to stay on the trails and be sure to take Insect repellant as these woods are full of Mosquitos.

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