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Title: Quest for the Cerulean Warbler
Post by: oridgen10 on June 28, 2016, 01:33:13 pm
Hello all, Oridgen here... I have had a lot of luck with seeing lifer warblers in Ontario this spring and summer such as a singing Hooded Warbler at Skunk's Misery, a secretive Worm-Eating and Prairie at Pelee and an obliging Prothonotary at Rondeau, but one beautiful species, the Cerulean Warbler, has continued to elude me. I have become very interested (some would say obsessed :D ) with seeing one. Does anyone know where the best place to go to see one in Ontario would be? Preferably relatively close to Toronto? I heard Backus Woods is almost a guarantee; is this true? Also, I have as yet failed to see a Mourning Warbler. :oops:  Is there any semi-reliable spot in Toronto to observe this species? Thank you everyone, I will understand if you do not wish to disclose exact locations.
Title: Re: Quest for the Cerulean Warbler
Post by: BetCrooks on June 28, 2016, 01:49:23 pm
Unfortunately, you've left it pretty late for a Mourning Warbler to be easy to find. We've had 2 males singing steadily all spring at Riverwood Conservancy in Mississauga (Burnhamthorpe and the Credit River near Mississauga Road), being readily seen and photo'd from the main path, but that's finished now more or less. On the Sat bird walk, one of the males and his mate and one fledged juvenile all came out to see us on the Red Deer Trail, but that was a lucky chance. When they aren't singing territory any more, they're hard to spot. This is at least the 3rd year we've had a male singing at the 600 m marker on the red deer trail, though, so you could try next June if you want. Just keep an eye on ebird and ONTbirds to see if he's back.
Title: Re: Quest for the Cerulean Warbler
Post by: Reuven_M on June 28, 2016, 05:12:58 pm
Cerulean is a very hard bird, and I don't think there's anywhere it can be called guaranteed. Check eBird for recent sightings though and you should be able to find one if you go very soon. They will stop singing and start leaving the province anytime. Mourning Warblers are common nesting birds in the countryside around the GTA, as well as in the largest city parks. I'd expect them to keep singing for a while yet, I had a couple singing on private property in Caledon today. Learn their song, and visit natural areas with dense rich underbrush and some trees. Again, you can check eBird for sightings.
Title: Re: Quest for the Cerulean Warbler
Post by: oridgen10 on July 01, 2016, 10:20:43 am
Thank you both so much for the info. I will keep searching!