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Title: Shooting stars
Post by: Howieh on August 10, 2020, 09:11:32 pm
Anybody up for the Perseids?

https://spaceweather.com/ (https://spaceweather.com/)
Title: Re: Shooting stars
Post by: Howieh on August 12, 2020, 07:29:46 am
I went out after midnight but I am getting zapped again this morning at Sunnybrooke so I figured I should get some sleep and didn't stay out long enough to see any meteors, but...I woke up just after 5am, looked out and decided we were in for a nice sunrise so I grabbed (the wrong) camera, went out and shot the nicest sunrise in several weeks. At one point I was shooting overhead to get the moon and mars and a meteor streaked between them, must have been really bright (a fireball?) because the sky was already lighting up. Released my first 2 monarchs yesterday morning; there are a lot of beautiful things in nature but the sight of a newly emerged monarch opening it's wings for the first time must be one of the best! Pretty quiet at the hummingbird feeder, the male left a while ago and there is one fledgling still around. There are hummers at TBG so I may stop by for a few minutes on my way home from the hospital. :)
Title: Re: Shooting stars and other stuff
Post by: Howieh on August 15, 2020, 12:30:27 am
My last encounter with LINAC is on Monday and since tomorrow is an off day I hope to get up before twilight to observe and shoot a beautiful conjunction of the moon and Venus with M35 thrown in for good measure. Then, assuming I get back inside before dawn, I will get to watch my last 3 monarchs emerge. The chrysalis's were all pale green this (Friday) morning but when I last checked the fully developed butterflies were clearly visible in all three. And I think I solved the case of the 'missing' hummingbirds! I'm blessed with very nice neighbours and last year I told one of them about my hummers and suggested they get a feeder. They actually bought one last year but didn't put it out until 3 weeks ago! The hummingbirds showed up almost immediately and because they have flowers the hummers probably hang around more than they do for me.