Dog mortally wounded Canada Goose at High Park
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Dog mortally wounded Canada Goose at High Park


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This morning at High Park the witness to the assault said a woman allowed her LEASHED dog to attack the goose then went on her merry way without giving a fig about the bird.  The goose died within 10 minutes of my arrival.  

About 30 minutes earlier I warned a man and his off-leash canine companion of the presence of a baby Wood Duck.  The duckling fled in a panic. After vocalizing concern that his dog's fur would be soiled as it entered the muddy water, he said, "Don't worry, the duck can swim far better than my dog".    On reminding him that his dog should be leashed, he eye-rolled as he sarcastically said, "Thank you".

I'm sick of this self-centred tribe!
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Kris Ito

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Such a sad story. And all too common these days it would seem, except for the dog being on a leash! Geese are protected under the federal Migratory Birds Convention Act and one could easily argue that the woman was legally liable for her dog's actions since she had it under the control of a leash. As birders we are all frustrated by the sense of entitlement that we see from many dog owners on a daily basis, and high park seems to attract some of the worst offenders. Recently I watched a woman allowing her two large dogs to swim in the storm drainage ponds at the north/east corner of the park. When I pointed out that they were essentially swimming in sewage, she just said "I know" and kept walking. So, entitlement and stupidity?   :shock:
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uggh uggh uggh....

I'm a dog owner and inconsiderate dog owners are one of my pet peeves. I recall once walking the trails at Erindale college with a companion who happened to have a fear of dogs...some guy walking his golden retriever off leash -- posted signs say dogs to be leashed -- anyway dog comes bounding up and my companion is terrified....even though dog is I grab the dog and wait for the guy to show up...he's calling out "It's OK It's can let him go" I reminded him of the posted signs and told him that he and his dog were interfering with our enjoyment of the trail and he called me something that some people find unkind...but I consider a compliment lol.

I've had other similar types of encounters as I'm sure many of you had. How do you get it through their heads?

I'm really disappointed about the two stories contained here....but kudos' for talking to the guy re: wood duck.

The problem that should concern these terrible owners risk evoking a response against the dog and it's not the dog that is the problem.

I own a large and fierce looking dog -- he's not fierce. He's very friendly. When walking in public I watch the oncoming pedestrians for a reaction. If I see someone is uneasy I pull off out of the way. And of course he is leashed. It's all about recognizing that these spaces are for all of us to enjoy. (My dog is a dogue de bordeaux. And he's a lover not a fighter. My previous dog was a larger still, neapolitan mastiff with lots of wrinkles and looked even more menacing but again, a lover not a fighter...actually more of a sleeper lol)

Has there been any follow up re: Canada Goose?
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