Backyard birding on the weekend
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Backyard birding on the weekend

Dr. John

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We had a surprisingly good turnout in our small downtown backyard on Saturday (we live just near Gerrard and Broadview). We have two feeders set up: a regular one on a pole filled primarily with black oil sunflower seeds and a hanging finch feeder filled with nijer seed.

The morning started off with about 6-8 warblers in the trees above; many yellow-rumped and at least one black-throated green. The main feeder (and the ground around it) attracted grackles, redwings, a white throated sparrow, about 5-6 white crowned sparrows, a chickadee, a downy, a male cardinal, a female cowbird, mourning doves, and the usual house sparrows, pigeons, and starlings. Our finch feeder attracted several pairs of house finches, a pair of goldfinches, and at least one pine siskin (a first in our backyard as far as we know). A couple of robins poked around the yard for insects and worms. We also had a raccoon visit in broad daylight (3:30 PM) to sift through the mess below the bird feeder.

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