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Title: Immature Male gold finch or female
Post by: Napper on April 26, 2006, 04:48:49 pm
Last few days  a bunch of American Gold finches have been visiting my feeder.  I noticed on a couple of occasions that birds with similar markings to that of a female Goldfinch have been at the feeder but had what looked like the begining of a patch on top of its head slightly darker that the greyish colour of the bird.  The bird also seemed slightly larger than the Male gold finches I have seen around(could have been an illusion). I have looked around and can't find a similar image  online or plate in a guide. Napper  

  :lol:  NO images  I am over quota until May 1st :(
Post by: Andy on April 27, 2006, 10:12:36 am
:D Hi Napper. There is a gallery page now set up here. You are welcome to use it. It's at http://outdoorontario.net/Gallery/albums.php. I just set it up and have played with it only a bit, so if you run into problems you may be on your own...  8)  But give it a try.