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If helped then say so


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Lately I have been asked for maps, information, directions and my opinion which I always gladly give except for information on areas that would be disturbed because of the breeding birds.

 It is always a pleasure for me to help other birders but it is also frustrating when I do give my help that many (not all) do not get back to me to acknowledge receiving this help and as a result I do not know if the info has been received or not.  :x  

 Please have the courtesy to at least say you have received the requested help as I do not appreciate being left hanging.

 I will continue to help but !  :?
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Mark A

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Hello Norm,
first let me say, thanks for the info about the Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow location in Hamilton last year. As it turns out I wasn't able to go but I notice that Terry Osbourne saw a numer of them when he was there the day I was going to go. I actually tried Second Marsh but it was too windy when I went and I struck out. Oh well, something to try for again this year!

On another topic, may I ask what your favourite shorebird location is that you like to visit that's within an hour of the GTA (besides the Spit) and why you like it?

Mark Ansell
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Hello Mark

 My favourite Shorebird location when I was more mobile used to be the Townsend sewage lagoons in the Jarvis area. This is one of the prime Shorebird locations in Southern Ontario.

 Many very good Shorebirds have been seen at this location in the last few years including Black-necked Stilt, A. Avocet, Curlew Sandpiper, Hudsonian and Marbled Godwits, Whimbrel, plus all the usual Shorebirds.

 This is also a great place for other birds and my own list includes Eared Grebe, White-fronted, Ross's, Snow and Cackling Geese, Franklin's, Little and Sabine's Gulls, Grey Partridge, Western Tanager, Lapland Longspur and many more. My life list at these lagoons is 135 species and I highly recommend visits to these lagoons from Mid August to November and March thru May.

 Thousands of Geese, Tundra Swans and Ducks rest at these lagoons during March and April each year and are a sight and sound to behold. The number of waterfowl is lower in the fall but still impressive.

 Below are the directions to the lagoons.

 I also like Frenchmans Bay, Cranberry Marsh, Hydro Marsh in Ajax, Second Marsh and Cootes Paradise in Dundas. These 5 locations are close to Toronto as you may know and Townsend is just about an hour away.


 On the way down to Long Point on Hwy 6 you will pass through Hagersville and drive towards Jarvis. Just as you approach the town of Jarvis you will see a sign indicating
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Craig McL

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Hi Norm

when I was down watching the curlew sandpiper on a week day at Townsend sewage lagoons I was asked to live and was told nicely that I was trespassing and if seen again I wood be fined ! BUT I must say they wear nice about it !

if you see a man in a Wight truck ask him for permission he is a nice guy just cant think of his name right now

Craig McLauchlan
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Excuse my spelling and Grammar, I am Dyslexic thank you.


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Hi Norm:

I have posted here RFI
many times on various things
and you have always been very helpful
to me with your detailed responses
mainly re the island or the Spit

Many thanks

I have tried to answer you each time
but.. odd time, do forget

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