Ice as medium
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Ice as medium


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 Oh, oh, that’s brilliant! I must find the theme music to Frozen. Oh wait, I just remembered, I recall deleting it. Rats! Anyway, your idea of incarcerating life within a mantle of ice is certainly very creative. I would never have thought to deliberately sacrifice something living for the sake of art. I take it that you are a cruel mistress and it makes you so much more interesting. Maybe you could use a colouring agent in the water so that it will freeze to the tune of stained glass. Faux amber, perhaps. Just think of the possibilities. Blood red … now I’m really excited.

During the wee small hours of this morning I was stoking a raging nightmare, evidenced at daybreak by an array of crooked pictures on the walls surrounding my bed, but during which time the windows were being aggressively festooned by icy calligraphy describing in exquisite detail the forces at play in the frigid domain just beyond the glass. Upon discovery of this creation I decided to try applying an old legacy lens coupled to bellows to see if I could capture more detail. Alas, the exaggeration of lens imperfections when stretching the latent image over a long distance within the bellows does not provide any improvement beyond using my Canon kit lens and just cropping. I would need to deploy a truly superb piece of glass, such as a Leica lens, Leitz, Zeiss or Schneider lens in order to avoid distortion and chromatic aberration. If I owned one of these brands I would be afraid to handle it.

You can make out the fuzzy edges and spectral smear even in the viewfinder. I can’t expect much better from a cheap legacy lens.

Soon Helios made his appearance and nature’s handiwork deconstructed to become a shear sheet-flood bound by gravity and wrenched to oblivion. 

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