How Big Would A Baby Garter Snake Be Now?
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How Big Would A Baby Garter Snake Be Now?

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While it was disappointing to find, I couldn't resist and picking up a flattened baby garter snake that I found on my driveway on Saturday (October 3). From it's position, I'm guessing it was sitting up against the rear passenger tire of my wife's vehicle and she unwittingly backed over it.

I found several things curious. First, it's been quite cool up here. She likely ran it over early Saturday a.m. I'm surprised that it was out and about although I suppose it could have felt that the space between the tire and the cement was excellent shelter.

Second, the poor thing was  about 2 inches long. I would have thought at this time of year, it would be a little larger than that. Does anyone know the size of garter snakes before they overwinter in their first year?

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