PHOTO ART Filters - stacked filters
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PHOTO ART Filters - stacked filters


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Certain things in this world can be stacked: pancakes can be stacked, cards can be stacked, poker chips can be stacked, even a beautiful woman can be stacked. Photo filters can also be stacked but doing so may produce some pretty bazaar results. Who doesn’t like bazaar? Well, I would imagine most people can’t really handle bazaar before having a few drinks. Having fallen on my head as a child I accept the bazaar with facility and consider it a healthy part of my day.  A combination of filters can transform a photo into something so far removed from reality as to be dream-like, as in “Dragon along the beach”, which is really just an artisanal sand sculpture that I captured while looking out onto the water and with the added benefit of an anonymous figure wading toward shore, perhaps unaware of what lurks in the hot sand.


I noticed in the Saturday STAR newspaper a photo-art filter in use for a picture of a path along the Brickworks.

I promise no more photo-art filter posts but I can't promise to rule out something related.
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