Night time movements, Migration and sounds
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Night time movements, Migration and sounds


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Thursday Evening at 11pm as I was leaving work at Downsview,  walking out to the parking lot I heard Multiple calls in the dark and  foggy night. One note high pitch greee,  big pause,  greee from multiple directions. I thought it was odd. Drove home and much much later I am hearing the same calls well after 1:30 am in Milton 50 km away.

This morning I spot a Veery along my back fence.

So just now at 1:15 am I heard a very high pitch five note call slightly descending at the end maybee one note per 1/2 second.

p.s. I saw a report of Humming birds in Wasaga Beach last week before the cold weather returned.

Napper:) 1:44 am
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