How nature can help us heal from grief
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How nature can help us heal from grief


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Hope someone might find happiness or inspiration here? ... from-grief

Ever since having to stop working my 60hr work weeks due to severe pain and spinal issues birding & nature, as always help me forget about the 24/7 pain and loss of many things .. material (not important but convenient) and life essential (personal) , etc... no pity please.  :D  8)  :lol:  ...

Nothing quite beats a walk in the park or forest , or personally, as I prefer as swim in the salty ocean I cannot afford to visit now .. but hope to again ~ :arrow: Forward
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Birding takes my mind off stuff and it adds good life to a tuff life. It also helps me forget about my spine pain and stress.  Laugh, eat, be merry.  Anybody with extra $ may send me some as It will permit me to travel.