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My family and I are visiting the Inlaws way up here in Sapawe, Ontario a suburb of the thriving metropolis of Atikokan. Did a little drive by birding yesterday on the way into town and then back out to the Camp/Cottage..

Spotted 1 Bald Eagle at the Town dump along with 30 or more Turkey Vultures, Ravens and many Crows. Unfortunately the dump was not open so I could not get in..

Closer to the Cottage I visited the Sapawe dump and was able to get pretty close to another
Bald Eagle in a large tree looking over the area..

Not great.. but it is an Eagle..  I should have tried a little harder to get a better shot but the resident Black Bear was a little too near and aggressive for my liking..


Napper :lol:

P.S. The bugs are really bad. even in daylight hours..Unusual...
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Nice to see this, and nice shot!
Thanks for sharing,
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