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Title: Emails working again, but please check your spam folder.
Post by: TransAtlanticGoose on October 30, 2020, 05:42:28 am
Hi everyone (and in particular those who haven't been able to login so far),
Clicking on 'Forgot your password?' is now working again. I'm truely sorry for all the problems with automated emails this past week.
If you don't recieve your email with in a few moments, please check your SPAM folder (for gmail users, you may have to click on the 'more' down-arrow to see more mail folders).

Currently gmail is still occationally classifying password-reset emails from outdoorontario.net as possible Spam (though new sign-up emails are getting through fine). If you're email client is reporting emails from OutdoorOntario.net as spam, please click any available 'This is not spam' button your email client may show you. This will help future emails from OutdoorOntario get through for other users.

Thanks for your patience with this.