Common Redpoll,Pine Siskins,American Pipit Leslie Spit today
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Common Redpoll,Pine Siskins,American Pipit Leslie Spit today


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Went out for some winter birding at Tommy Thompson Park aka Leslie Spit and had a productive day.
Highlights were a flock of finches in the last woods at the end of the spit on the right hand side, there were half dozen Pine Siskins and a Common Redpoll in with the Goldfinches.
Also here were many sparrows including the Lincoln's Sparrow Lev saw on tuesday, also White-throated, Swamp, Song and many American Tree Sparrows.
Golden-crowned kinglets were here also and downy woodpecker and many chickadees.
Raptors included a Peregrine falcon attacking a Canada Goose!, 2 Northern Harriers, Great Horned and Long-eared Owls, Red-tailed Hawk and American Kestrel.
By the first lookout on the right after where the road splits there was an American Pipit and a Yellow-rumped Warbler.
Ducks included Ring-necked duck, American Wigeon, Redhead, Canvasback and many other species
Ended with 49 species but sure i missed more as didn't do the whole spit.

Any new photos from today will be upped to my website
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