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Sunnybrook Pileated

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Walking down the road/path between Sunnybrook hospital and the side-entry of Sunnybrook park, I was thinking about how quiet the ravine was.  ie, very few birds to be heard.  Heard a rustle - and looked to my right to see a pileated woodpecker, pretty much at eye-level and ~30' away, contentedly excavating a massive tree.  There was a small spot of sun that had made its way through the forest, that just managed to illuminate him/her perfectly for a while.  

Probably my closest encounter with one yet, MASSIVE bird (maybe it was just the proximity - but it did seem larger than others I've seen), and suddenly my somewhat bad day was just marvelous.    :D
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"hunting" and finally seeing a Pileated woodpecker is one of my favourite things to do.
Haven't seen one for a month, but when you hear it knock and try to find it and finally find it - its amazing!
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