Kirtland's Warbler near Barrie
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Kirtland's Warbler near Barrie


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This is probably rarest of all Warblers in our province. They are so endangered, they are flagged as 'Sensitive Species" in eBird, you will not see a report of a Kirtland's warbler sighting on eBird. After years of restoration effort in Simcoe County, recently it was reported that 6 males were seen and heard singing among young red pines at Packard Tract of Simcoe County Forest. Though it is a publicly accessible place, because of the bird's current status, planned visitation is arranged between 6 AM and 6 PM. Here's some excerpt from OFO note on how to access the site, the detailed etiquette of visit is posted online and also on-site.

***Kirtland’s Warbler Viewing Guidelines – Simcoe County Forest ‘Packard Tract’; 8398 9th Line Essa Township***
This site is a Canadian-first restoration effort to create breeding/nesting habitat for the Kirtland’s Warbler, a globally rare songbird, and will serve as a model for further conservation efforts for the species. While the enthusiasm of the birding community is understood, the cooperation of all is both appreciated and expected to avoid disturbing the warbler and upsetting area residents.
Please sign the guestbook and consider supporting the conservation of Kirtland’s Warbler through a donation.
1.     Parking:
a.     Drive south from Highway 90 on 9th Line Essa to the dead end (, turn around and park on the east side of the road between the turnaround and the driveway to the north. This will result in you parking on the right-hand side of the road with your vehicle facing the exit.
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Wow, thanks for the information. That is some neat arrangement.