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Title: Blue-gray gnatcatcher and an immature yellow warbler
Post by: Anonymous on July 22, 2007, 10:15:53 pm
I found a couple of these little guys at Gages creek in Port Hope. There are 3 black crowned night herons, 4 great blue herons, a green heron, spotted sandpipers and the virginia rails are visible daily running around the shore of the pond. Countless cedar waxwings, yellow warblers, downy woodpeckers, kingfishers, bonaparte's gulls a family of muskrats and a mink.
http://art-mcleod.fotopic.net/p43407903.html (http://art-mcleod.fotopic.net/p43407903.html)
http://art-mcleod.fotopic.net/p43407902.html (http://art-mcleod.fotopic.net/p43407902.html)
http://art-mcleod.fotopic.net/p43407904.html (http://art-mcleod.fotopic.net/p43407904.html)
http://art-mcleod.fotopic.net/p43337415.html (http://art-mcleod.fotopic.net/p43337415.html)
Yellow warbler-immature
http://art-mcleod.fotopic.net/p43407907.html (http://art-mcleod.fotopic.net/p43407907.html)
http://art-mcleod.fotopic.net/p43407908.html (http://art-mcleod.fotopic.net/p43407908.html)