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Title: Rouge Park 6th Annual Winter Bird Count - Volunteers needed
Post by: Rouge Park on December 04, 2008, 10:12:57 am
Rouge Park's 6th annual Winter Bird Count will take place on January 11th, 2009. Volunteers of any age and skill level are invited to particiapate. If you are an experienced birder, ask about becoming a group leader. Volunteers that live near Rouge Park are also invited to count and report birds in their backyard for the day.

For more info or to register, contact: Sheryl Santos at 905-713-6007 or e-mail www.rougepark.com (http://www.rougepark.com) for more info.

The information collected from the Bird Count is combined with national databases designed to promote understanding and appreciation for conservation, wild birds and their habitats. Healthy bird populations are a good indicator of Rouge park’s ecological preservation and restoration success.
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Behaviour, how?
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