Tiny, Beaches, cool morning
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Tiny, Beaches, cool morning

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This morning at Tiny Beaches it was quite cool & noisy with all the action.
Crows, Jays, Eastern Phoebe's, White and Red Breasted Nuthatches, a few Grackles,
Multiple Cardinals, continuous drumming coming from down the street couldn't tell what species it was.

Perfect Lighting for a good shot of the two Pileated's across the street but they stayed on the "dark side" of the trees.
They were silent. No Red heads or Red Bellies yet.

Didn't complete the main purpose of the trip, I decided not to bring the new water heater downstairs by myself, and was missing a fitting that was required that I brought home on the previous trip along with a whole bunch of plumbing tools including a blow torch. :roll:  (more projects going at home).

Put all seasons on the vehicle and moved the winters into the house (That hurt). Lots of people there, I stayed on the property said hi ! from a distance.

Nothing special on the way home today although I did see Many American Kestrel's on my back road route thru Sunnidale, Glencairn, Honeywood, Redickville, Hillsburgh, Acton and home.

Week Three of P/Layoff Beard. Napper:)
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