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Tiny, Township, Swan

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My wife and I did a really  really quick return trip to the beach today.

We departed Milton  at 11 am and a arrived home around  3:30 pm ish   no traffic.

We moved a new water heater up and brought back 2  sets of summer tires.

It was really quiet at the Beach(birds). I heard a Cardinal.

Turkey vultures have made it to just  South of Hwy 89 so far.

On the way home, we were driving South on Baseline road in "Tiny "when she  said to me look over there what is  that big white bird?

A  "Swan" dunno which species was feeding In a freshly tilled field.  It dwarfed all the other  Gulls around it.


Lots o people up there! surprised, but sorta expecting it.
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lol I'm sorry I keep screwing up your handle

TV's became a regular thing north of 89 as of April Fools...

I've been hearing the peepers too as of April Fools....even in the snow...yep...we gots snow again....go figure....had all tires swapped out....pulled the driveway markers....wake up to snow...... :roll:
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