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Mouths To Feed

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Not the greatest photos nor the rarest birds, but these shots were taken within an hour or so of each other in my backyard.  Busy day.

I'm not sure, but I think that the Great Crested Flycatcher fledgeling may have taken its first flight just after this shot.  Is the timing about right?  Experts?
http://juliansbirdwatchingphotos.fotopi ... 39919.html
http://juliansbirdwatchingphotos.fotopi ... 39897.html

It looks like the Cardinal and the Starling are feeding the same type of bird.  Do their young look similar?
http://juliansbirdwatchingphotos.fotopi ... 39898.html
http://juliansbirdwatchingphotos.fotopi ... 39896.html
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I would suggest that the young cardinal is, in fact, a young Brown Headed Cowbird.
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