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Title: Owl
Post by: 77amc on May 02, 2021, 02:06:25 pm
I live close to an area where I find both Saw-whet and Long-eared Owls--in season.   Generally, the area where I find the Saw-whets is separate to the the area where the Long-eareds are usually found.
   My query is: do Long-eareds prey on the smaller owls?  If I find Long-eareds in a certain area is there no point in looking for Saw-whets in that particular area? I know on Amherst Island both species are found regularly in the Owl Woods but that area is considerably bigger than "my area".  I realise Great-horned and Barred Owls will take the smaller owls but I was just wondering about Long-eared--and Short-eared,   for that matter.  My knowledge is not enough.

Thanks in advance
Title: Re: Owl
Post by: lovemypt on May 02, 2021, 04:45:05 pm
Yes...Long-eared will eat Saw-whets.... but really depends upon winter and food supply. Generally owls do not actively hut each other unless food supply is low and an  opportunely presents its self.   LEO, SEO, NWSO prefer mice , while Barred owl like more snakes, frogs & mice,   GHO prefer skunks, rabbits and bigger game ....but all will hunt small owls in right conditions , also hawks will also take the small owls.
As both LEO & NWSO preferred the denser cedars and pines groves, it is possible to find both in same general area in winter, but doubt you would find in same tree. 
Title: Re: Owl
Post by: 77amc on May 03, 2021, 05:17:25 am
Thank you so much. I'm a little calmer now. I will try to search for some info on this topic.