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Title: Bald Eagles Over Toronto
Post by: Walter Fisher on August 30, 2020, 10:18:46 pm
Migration has started!

I apologize for this late post but hopefully it's still helpful for folks further along the path (as migrating raptors fly).

Today, August 30th between 10:00am and 4:00pm we had scores of Bald Eagles of all ages fly over the Cliffcrest – Cliffside – Birchcliff area of Toronto's east end.  Because of continuing COVID-19 pandemic issues we decided to not run our usual hawk watch at Rosetta McClain Gardens for this year.  Instead, several of us are doing our own personal watches from our backyards.  Here's a brief summary of the Bald Eagles witnessed - Near Kingston Rd & St Clair Ave 3 were observed.  In my yard near Kingston Rd & Midland Ave I counted 17.  Near Kingston Rd & Birchmount Rd 13 were observed.  And, near Kingston Rd & Warden Ave 9 were counted.  We were all in contact with one another via text and email and most of the birds were not seen/counted from one watch to the next.  Almost all of my eagles were moving away from the lake and heading directly west over the city.  Many other raptor species were observed across the area as well.

Good hawk watching,

Walter Fisher :)