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Title: Disappointed
Post by: Axeman on March 16, 2020, 02:52:45 pm
I have to say I am really disappointed at the behaviour of my community...particularly at the grocery stores. Thankfully the expensive grocery store put limits on purchases of certain items but I think after the Covid-19 scare expires, it's time for a good hard look at who we are. I'm sure some of the glutinous philistines attend a church -- we have a lot of churches in our town. If you sit next to one...call them out. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making someone feel awkward about poor behaviour. If we don't point it out, how will they know? Clearly they don't have the cognitive or emotional power to figure it out.

It's definitely time to start voting people of the island....erm...planet.

Arrrgh....just frustrated. Watched a woman in grocery store with a cart FILLED with cases of 500 ml plastic bottles of water...and obviously hoarding a few other grocery items from what I saw in her cart...I wanted to ask her if she had enough water or should I go back and get some more for hers....but I didn't. I get to my vehicle only to discover she's driving an extended bed crew cab ram truck....and is parked behind me...all the way to my bumper so I can't open the lift gate to my CR-V....frustrated I mutter "It figures."...obviously louder than I intended....to which she replies.. "How was I to know you used your cargo area...most people just throw their groceries in the back seat."

On the other hand, I'm proud that I didn't choke the last breath from her....so that's goods.
Title: Re: Disappointed
Post by: Shortsighted on March 16, 2020, 03:29:19 pm
Chill out.
Getting excited by something that you have no control over
is just an invitation for a cardio-circulatory event that does
not turn out well for you. We are all dependent on each other.
Unfortunately most of that interaction might be qualified as being
mildly to severely disappointing. As a society, we even prefer our
artwork to reflect bad behaviour and confer iconic status to the
worst of it. Assume that most people that you encounter on a daily
basis are incarcerated by their self-absorption and will therefore
never likely savor the joy and satisfaction that you find in the natural world
because their preoccupation with consumption is all-consuming, leaving
no opportunity for anything else.
Title: Re: Disappointed
Post by: Paul O'Toole on March 16, 2020, 07:13:05 pm
There is nothing wrong with our tap water in Kingston so I am going to guess the same applies for most cities and town in Ontario. No need to buy bottled water for daily use in most cases. Just saying :)
Title: Re: Disappointed
Post by: Dinusaur on March 18, 2020, 11:24:24 am
Yep, the true humanity comes out in the middle of a crisis. And this is in a country with only 35 million people. Imagine the world with a billion people - when this thing hits hard in one of those areas I shiver to think what will happen.