Presqu'ile park report for Sat Sept 19th
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Presqu'ile park report for Sat Sept 19th


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I promised Dinusaur an update on the water depth and due to the higher winds today, I can report its deeper than normal , more than Paul's boot comment, I am sure if it were dead calm and you were very careful it would be okay with high boots, it was very humid here today and seemed to be clearing so i said the hell with it and walked across, water and waves putting the water height just under my butt, water is warm and bottom is sound but I would suggest wearing sandals with socks or old running shoes instead of boots as it makes for hard walking once they swamp and fill with water. Not sure about tomorrows temperatures but with humidity today I was dry by the time I reached the parking lot.

Gull islands was slow only saw 2- semipalmated sandpipers, two Merlin on beach........but finding two Whimbrels on south facing side of island made the trip worth going, they would not be visible from mainland.
Owen 's point had two pectoral, least, semipalmated sandpipers at tip and very cooperative to having their picture taken up close
Beach 2 had a small flock of black-bellied plovers + 1 Golden Plover and flock of semipalmated plovers feeding on sand and shoreline

Warblers and other birds were very slow in the park but winds were strong and rain storm was just coming in when we were find was an immature Red-headed woodpecker by the washroom at Owens point parking lot

Happy Birding
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