Cranberry Marsh, Thickson Woods
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Cranberry Marsh, Thickson Woods

gary yankech

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I'm thinking that this report would be more suited in the Eastern Ontario Reports as, these location are not really part of the GTA.  Yesterday,  with my friend Tan and I, we spotted several decent birds at CB marsh and Thickson Woods. I also bumped into an old buddy, Gord Gallant whom joined us for a nice outing.

Cranberry Marsh:  American Coot
                            Horned Grebe
                            Ring necked Duck
                            Lesser Scaup
                            Pileated Woodpecker (great views!)
                            Northern Cardinal
                            Blue Jay
                            Song Sparrow
                            Golden-crowned Kinglet
                            American Tree Sparrow (still around)

Thickson Woods and lakefront :   Winter Wren
                                                  Red breasted Merganser
                                                  Common Merganser
                                                  Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
                                                  Northern Flicker

Gord spotted a long eared Owl the day before in T. Woods, but we could not relocate it.

A good day of birding!
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