Black vulture at Second Marsh
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Black vulture at Second Marsh


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So after reading Tyler Hoar's message on Ontbirds this morning I decided to head over to Second Marsh to see if I could catch up with GWFG's. Of course I was hour's too late, but that didn't stop me from seeing some good birds, the highlight of which was my first ever (in Ontario) black vulture. It came in off the lake and after making several slow circles over top of me headed off to the NW.

It was pretty obvious right off the bat that it wasn't a TV. For starters the wings were wider and the bird didn't wobble at all on the wing it just made minute corrections like an eagle. The tips of the wings were slightly upturned and of course were silver. A great find!

Also of note:

-1 b-g gnatcatcher
-1 Virginia rail
-4m 4f ruddy duck
-2 canvasback's
-2 horned, 5 red-necked grebe's
-1 raven, 1 peregrine flacon, 2 cooper's hawks, 1 merlin
-13 little gulls and dozens of Bonaparte's
-1 y-b sapsucker (have seen surprisingly few of them this spring)
-two dozen N. rough-winged swallows
-8-10 y.r warblers... can't wait for their cousins to arrive in the upcoming weeks :)

Happy birding
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