Fort Erie today
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Fort Erie today

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My wife and I Made a quik trip to Fort Erie today to give my  "Pro Photographer" (practically challenged) cousin a little help with the big maple that lost  I'd say 50 percent of it's branches directly into his yard.  We cleaned up most of the major branches cut and loaded them into the van. We also brought them our recently replaced Washing machine. We now have a new Staber..

Hold on I'll get to it.. Along the way Qew Niagara bound Many Red tails  stationed on Hydro poles (in the rain)  looking for food.

On the way home we had to get some gas so we stopped at exit 64 (QEW toronto bound) Beamsville and perched right on the exit sign was a big  "Red Tail"

I also spotted a number of Kestrels along the route hovering/hunting...

Unfortunately we  did not get a chance to get near the Niagara river (time challenged), we arrived at 9:30 am and departed by noon.. If you need any wood....

there is so much down it is unbelievable..

Napper  :(

flooding was a big problem down there as 18 inches of snow melted instantly..........

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