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Winer 2020


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Well it's not over yet but I think the fat snowman is warming up his chops getting ready to sing...I have to say it's been an uneventful winter (birding / nature) for me...bunnies have been conspicuously absent...haven't seen them at the feeders and haven't seen many tracks...could be coyotes...we have a pack denned up not too far away....and that's something I enjoy (having coyotes in the area)....fewer deer as well...they yard up in a cedar hollow that we have on our property...there are a few deer in there but it's a "herd" of 6 not 20 plus.

I see the long range forecast looks warm by mid march which means I'll have to pull the feeders earlier than normal....critters will be waking....raccoons can wreak havoc and while the bears aren't out of hibernation they can stir as it gets warmer and go for a snack...that's happened once and it didn't end well for my bird feeders happened in the fall....I shouldn't have had them out that early.

The highlight so far is a pair of ravens that visited the feeders momentarily one day...not sure what they wanted...they were on the ground at the base of a large platform feeder...and they've never been back.
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