Nature of Things -- Tommy Thompson Park
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Nature of Things -- Tommy Thompson Park

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The Suzuki's and The Nature of Things featured "the Spit" -- Tommy Thompson Park recently. I don't know if anyone else caught it but it's worth watching.

The Spit is referenced a great deal in posts -- I've never been there so it was great to get a little tour of the park even if was on TV. It took me back to my childhood watching the spit at Cooksville Creek being built in the late 70's.

I was absolutely amazed that it started off with the dumping of construction garbage.

Definitely thought provoking. One of the biologists who studies the cormorants made an excellent point. The destruction caused by the cormorants is only noticeable and worrisome because we've cleared out the rest of southern Ontario. And...apparently the largest prey species of that particular colony? Alewives. A fish that is not native to Lake Ontario and yet....caught by the cormorants in Lake Ontario.

If you can find it, watch it.
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