Red-headed Woodpecker, Balm Beach, Tiny Township
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Red-headed Woodpecker, Balm Beach, Tiny Township


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Quote from: "Porshaah"
A Red-headed woodpecker is a new visitor to my bird feeder this summer along with a Scarlet Tanager. The woodpeckers' been feeding on shelled peanuts and Dollar store suet. I didn't see what the Scarlet Tanager eats.

 Porshaah,  Where are you in relation to Centennial Park on Vimy rd.?

Years ago I spotted a Red Headed Woodpecker there and a Tufted Timouse at house on Left side looking out over the water.

Napper:) p.s. Its not summer yet.
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About half way between there and the city.

sorry for the late response


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There should be a "like" button....loved the pic of RHW....