SOLD: Canon 300 2.8L IS USM
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SOLD: Canon 300 2.8L IS USM

Greg Schneider

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Selling only because I don’t use the lens enough to justify it. Number of shots is correspondingly low; perhaps an outing or two each year. Lens is in mint condition as can be seen in the photos, and has been babied. For example, I gaffer taped the rubber on the hood to reduce wear and used a spare Lenscoat piece for the hood.


Lens as pictured (datecode UW)
Canon lens trunk with key
Canon leather lens cover
For travel, a Lenscoat Lenshoodie for the front element
Canon strap and manual
Wimberley tripod replacement foot as shown

(as best I know, everything it ships with new)

Works wonderfully either as a bare 300, with 1.4x or 2x. Some sample photos: ... urner_4891 ... 935-1200px ... tains_0298 ... _0295-1050 ... pping_7933

$3100 and pickup in the GTA. I am often in the Hamilton area and can be flexible on location.

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