Chicken chick chick

I got my first chickens 7 months ago in the Fall of 2016. I started with 7 hens which seemed like a good number then. Now I'm up to 14 hens, 4 roosters (but 2 are silkies so they don't count), 17 chicks, and another 34 eggs in the incubator. Sounds like a case of chicken math.
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The Eggs

Eggs from Easter Eggers, Black Copper Marans, Blue Copper Marans, Red Star, Black Star and Cuckoo Maran hens.
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Lloyd - The Father

Lloyd the 9 month old Easter Egger Rooster - He looks very much like a Wheaten Ameraucana, except his beard is not black - it's red like the rest of his feathers. it doesn't exist because he is abused by his hens who pluck them out along with his butt feathers. Poor Lloyd.

The Hens

13 and counting..(plus my "almost Paint" Silkie - Tina). These are the only ones that I've hatched chicks from...will add more later.
Cinderlla. Eeaster Egger x White Leg Horn. She lays a nice big light blue egg.

Happy Feet. Sold to me as an Amerauacana - but she's clean-faced and the wrong color so she can only be called an Easter Egger. She lays a long blue torpedo egg every day.

Maya. Black Copper Maran with not much copper. She lays a dark brown speckled egg. Not chocolate brown as I had hoped.

The Rock. Another easter egger that looks like a small Blue Ameraucana. Lays a greenish blue egg..

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I had one pair..Eevee and Stevee. Sadly, Eevee was killed by a Cooper's hawk. So Steevee wasn't lonely, we got Terk & Tina (I only wanted Tina but she came with Terk). Unfortunately, Terk is a Jerk and beats up Steevee and Tina, and even fights with Lloyd. But don't worry..all chicken problems can be solved with more money and space! :D
Eevee - the sweet little Silkie who laid 6 eggs a week. (With Steevee - who means well)

More of Eevee & Steevee

Last one of Eevee & Steevee. RIP Eevee. I'm sorry I didn't close your crate properly! :(!!

Draw me like one of your french girls

The crate adds 5 lbs

What? We weren't doing anything got more chickens...posted 03/13/2017 by rebecca

posted 03/13/2017 by rebecca