My first Hatch EVER!

Well..first 2 hatches..that were 8 days apart because I couldn't resist sticking some more eggs in when my greenish egg layer started laying eggs again. I used my brand new GQF Hova Bator Genesis 1588 Incubator and Automatic Turner. Let's see what we can make.
posted 03/13/2017 by rebecca

First Incubation

3 Precious Silkie eggs from Eevee (RIP!) - and a bunch from my easter eggers, and marans - and a few from my other hybrid layers - ready for lockdown!
posted 03/13/2017 by rebecca

The Brooder

My first batch of chicks. 13/23 hatched - Hatched 2 days early - so temp must have been too high..10 chicks were fully developed in shell - one internal pip..others must have died just before. I suspect the humidity change from 55 to 65% was too much.
posted 03/13/2017 by rebecca

"Make sure you get me from my good side. Pick one. "
posted 03/13/2017 by rebecca

Random Chick Pix

The latest 4 additions at 1 week old. Courtesy for The ROCK and Cupcake.

One week old owl, and two week old owl. Both are slow to feather = suspected roosters :(

Who's your mommy?

Cupcake's half-black son?

A few days old - the Rocks? Nice beard.

Great..I created a bunch of chicken hawks

One of Happy Feet's "Wild Type" Easter Egger chicks. I think I will keep her.

Little runty ivar with the slipped tendon. One day if your skin heals we will put it back in place. Good thing you don't grow so there is still hope

Another one of Happy Feet's "Wild Type" Easter Egger chicks. I think this is the tall one that needed help getting out of Happy Feet's torpedo egg