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Re: Musing over a life list

Postby Pat Hodgson » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:21 pm

Due to health problems, I did not get in a foreign trip this year. Still picked up some good stuff on a mop-up (i.e. second) trip to SE Arizona.

yard: 104 +1 flyover belted kingfisher
Ontario: 303 +6 all birds found by others then seen by many, willow ptarmigan, blue grosbeak, dickcissel, tricolored heron, fork-tailed flycatcher, cattle egret (none lifers)
old ABA area (no Hawaii): 591 +12, Arizona lifers Botteri's sparrow, five-striped sparrow, rufous-winged sparrow, western screech-owl, Montezuma quail, Lucifer hummingbird, buff-breasted flycatcher plus non-lifers rose-throated becard, tufted flycatcher, rufous-capped warbler; Colorado lifer black rail, Ontario fork-tailed flycatcher
new ABA area with Hawaii: 619 same +12
World: 2064 +8 all listed above
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Re: Musing over a life list

Postby Leslie Kinrys » Wed Feb 28, 2018 2:19 pm

In January, I started 2018 with a lifer Red-cockaded Woodpecker in Florida. This month, I had an eight-day trip to Costa Rica. It was amazing! I added 173 new species, which brings my life list to 879.
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